Pricing Plans

Find the best membership for you!

Non Contract
  • $20.95/ wk
  • $41.90/ fortn
  • $90.78/mo

6 Month
  • $18.95 / wk
  • $37.90/fortn
  • $82.10/mo

12 Month
  • $17.95/ wk
  • $35.90/fortn
  • $77.78/mo

Cash Memberships, Concession Cards & More

Package AdultHigh SchoolOver 65/PHO
1 Month$120$60
3 Month$288$145
6 Month$466.77$229
12 Month$870.48$400
Gym Concession$120$60 $50
Class Concession$100Lite Pace - $45
(All concessions are 12 sessions)Sit & Be Fit $35
Gym Casual$15$8$5
Class Casual $10$6$5
Lite Pace$4.50
Sit & Be Fit$3.50
Nutrition Plan

The Only Gym Membership You’ll Ever Need

Becoming a member of Activate Gym means more than just receiving a gym card. Our membership comes with innumerable lifelong benefits. We believe in giving back to our community of Dannevirke by providing you with a quality training facility to help make exercise a part of your life. As a member, you will receive 24/7 gym access as well as free access to our mobile app. This means you can work out any time of the day, any day of the week and track your progress.

Ultimate Membership Convenience

Activate members are entitled to:

  • Entry to all group fitness classes (apart from Pilates and Yoga)
  • Initial weigh and measure, plus an introductory program
  • 6-8 week follow-up weigh and measure, plus program review/update

*Complete program changes cost $30-$45

To make your gym experience more convenient, we offer a direct debit option for members who are approved for 24hr gym access. The debit will incur 2 weeks in advance, plus there is a $10 admin fee. Non-contract memberships have a minimum term of 1 month, while 6 and 12-month memberships are only a minimum term. You are free to extend your contract for as long as you like! Memberships will continue past the minimum term until you have cancelled.

Mindset Guide

What’s That?...more Services!

We offer a host of extra value-added services that you are more than welcome to make use of for a small additional fee.

Pilates and Yoga: $10 paid to Sarah Gibbs. Taught by certified instructor Sarah Gibbs.

Astrand VO2 Fitness Test: $25 for 1, $40 for two

Body Fat Pinch Test: $20 for 1, $30 for two

Weekly Weigh-Ins: $30 for 6 weeks. Highly recommended for those wanting to lose weight. Booking is essential.

6-Week Fat Blaster Course: $99 members or $199, includes 6-week gym membership. This is a 6-week course designed to burn fat and improve muscle tone. It includes two different weight-training programs, weekly weigh-ins, a cardio program, a calorie counter, before and after body analysis, girth measurements and photos. Book a time.

12-Week Body Challenge: A 12-week course for those serious about losing weight and improving muscle tone. Includes upper and lower bodyweight training programs, cardio exercise, eating plan, sculpt supplement and weekly weighs. You also receive a before and after body analysis, photos and girth measurements.



Ready to sweat? Join Activate Gym today. The best workout is when you go home feeling like you’ve conquered more than you set out to achieve.

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.” -Jerry Dunn

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