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Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Try something new and push a little further than your limits with our extra classes offered at Activate Gym. It’s only when we venture out beyond the ordinary and step outside of our comfort zones that we truly grow. Self-improvement on every level starts with these small steps, and we are here to back you up on your journey.

Our regular group fitness classes include spin, Body Balance, Body Pump and Body Step as part of the Les Mills classes to get your blood pumping, and these are integrated into your standard Activate membership fees. However, for those wanting something out of the box, we also offer specialised classes which fall outside of the regular membership, so additional costs will apply.

These extra classes brought to you by Activate Gym are: Pilates, Yoga, Think Hauora and JPB Fitness. Whether you are looking for variety, something to spice up your gym routine or something to condition the mind and body, you will find these classes extremely beneficial as part of a holistic gym experience.

Pilates: The Power From Within

Pilates was created by German anatomist Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It uses very specific exercises that target different areas of the body to improve strength, flexibility and posture. The secret to Pilates is core strength, and when you are able to master this, you can elongate and strengthen your muscles for better toning and balance. This form of exercise is ideal for anyone recovering from injuries, or people with chronic pain and in need of rehabilitation. Seniors are also welcome since this is a very low impact form of exercise that involves lying down, sitting or standing. The bar may be used occasionally.

Join our Pilates classes in Dannevirke to rejuvenate and rebuild your musculoskeletal system, and just for an overall revitalising, conditioning workout. Our instructor Sarah Gibbs is certified and experienced in coaching people of all ages and all fitness levels in Pilates. However, it is advisable to speak to your doctor first if you are concerned about injuries or if you are pregnant.

Mindset Guide

Yoga: Align Body, Mind & Spirit

Originating in the exotic lands of India, Yoga is a physical practice that also involves meditation. In this way, it trains the body, mind and spirit to work together in perfect alignment. It is a unique way to restore and massage the internal organs. Combining gentle stretches with breathing exercises and other techniques, Yoga is the perfect way to engage the body and feel relaxed yet energised after each session.

Feel more anchored, find your balance and detox with our Yoga classes at Activate Gym in Dannevirke. You can also ease back pain, maintain toned muscles and practice Yoga safely during pregnancy. Speak to your health practitioner or our certified Yoga instructor if you have any concerns.



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